My crazy life as a radio host! Tunesday Takeover on KBON 101.1

A four-month plan and tireless preparation for a show that's sole mission is to bring more attention to the art of songwriting are now well underway! Having worked briefly in radio in the past, this new gig is nothing short of an adventure. I am enjoying the music, of course, and the carousel of talented musicians flowing through the studio. It feels like home. I've thus far met multi-instrumentalists who create in various modalities and forms but the end product is always top-notch. My first interview was with Lance DuBroc who has been taking North America by storm, touring across the U.S. to collaborate with other songwriters, perform at various music venues and continues penning songs along the way. It was quite eye-opening to hear his process of crafting that song that connect with others. Watch his segment here on December 3rd edition of Tunesday Takeover.

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