2018 Big Easy Award Recipient! He Did That!

The blessings keep on coming! It was already an honor to perform the very show that started my acting career 25 years ago alongside an incredibly accomplished cast of actors and musicians, at one of my favorite places in New Orleans, The National WWII Museum...now this! I am floored beyond belief!   

God is so amazing and continually shows me His Power! I am extremely grateful and it is not because of the shiny award or the acknowledgement (although great!) but I am consistently humbled, reminded and shown by God what faith can do! This show was hard work and a lot of sacrifice. I doubted myself constantly of whether I could make it through as I was in chronic pain from a recent car accident, suffered from severe back problems, told to have neck surgery and not to mention I was twice the age of everyone else in the cast (yeah I could have been all their mommas) but I trusted and kept pushing through it because I wanted this opportunity so badly that pain came secondary to my desire to sing and do what I am called to do. 

This show, this experience, that moment.....the recognition proves less about me but more of how God's grace IS sufficient. His Power IS made perfect in my weakness and therefore I boast about my weakness, so the Power of Christ may work through me. ( 2 Cor: 12:9) This show was a God experience for me, a true test of faith, along the way I lost some but gained so much more...so much more and that's why I say He Did That!!! Cause God is ALL THAT!! to me. 

Thank you to the National WWII Museum, Victoria Reed, My Cast mates, the amazing musicians, staff and crew and my wonderfully giving family who supported me through it all. Thank you for being such a light in my life.