Cites des Arts Presents: The Great American Songbook

Over 20 years ago, I had the honor of performing in a small, cafe on Jefferson Street in Lafayette at the age of 14. It was fashioned after an old Parisian cabaret and was always filled with amazing sounds and great coffee!  I got to perform with my local music heroes and was groomed by some incredible people who I looked up to very much.  It was because if this play that basically my journey in theater began. I was introduced to the amazing music 1930s and 40s and fell in love. Well, fast forward to present day, the cafe is now gone replaced by the Wurst Beergarten. The atmosphere of  that very spot on Jefferson Street is still quite festive. Cafe Des Artistes is now Cite des Arts and I'm privileged ONCE AGAIN to perform with my old friends whom I love dearly in this impeccable show, The Great American Songbook. These fantastic individuals have only gotten better and are more poised to "bring the house down". I'm so excited to be reunited with these amazing folks. It is my hope that you can join us in some magic August 9-18th as we reignite a fire started so many years ago and share our hearts and love for great music with YOU!

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