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"Erica Fox kicks up the pure romance"” - Theodore P Mahne



Suth'n. Sanga. Soulful. A native of Lafayette, LA, Erica’s talents have been showcased on projects such as Master P’s “504 Boys Goodfellas”, Xbox’s Project Gotham Racer, Sony Motion Picture soundtrack “You Got Served”, and Mattel’s Barbie commercials. She was featured in several SyFy films including “House of Bones” and “Quantum Apocalypse”.  As a recording artist, she worked with such acts as Tank, Jesse Powell, Jon B. and Shai to name a few.
She was a principal singer and gymnast in the Spiderman Rocks show at Universal Studios in California. On the theatrical stage, Erica appeared in The Buddy Holly Story at The Lawrence Welk Resort and toured along with Motown greats Kim Weston and Pat Hodges in Smokey Robinson and Mickey Stevenson’s hit musical, “Sang Sista Sang.” She excited many at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Motown’s legendary Funk Brothers.

Born in the heart of Acadiana, the spicy culture and music of her hometown carried her throughout her travels. She is deeply appreciative of her Southern heritage and deep Creole roots. This distinctive Bayou influence is infused in her style and is reminiscent of the Zydeco and blues she grew up listening to. Her music is a celebration of all things Southern and the unique people that make up the place she is so proud to call home.


Acadiana Center for the Arts is an amazing advocate for the Creative and Performing Arts. This community-supported nonprofit organization fosters art and culture in Acadiana. Since its founding, AcA has developed as a major force, shaping the future of public education and community development in South Louisiana. I am excited to BE one of Acadiana Center for the Arts 2020-2021 'BE' featured artists!


Excited to host Songwriter and Accordionist Horace Trahan on my "Tunesday Takeover Show"!!! Horace is a fantastic songwriter and musician. He will share his music journey and the art of crafting a great song as we prepare for the upcoming virtual Festivals Acadiens et Creole Music Festival.

Night to Remember! Mistress of Ceremonies for Love of People Gala at Science Museum & Rock n Bowl 

What a memorable event for a worthy cause! The Love of People organization is dedicated to helping provide much needed services for the Louisiana music community and I am beyond excited to have been the Mistress of Ceremonies for this event. As a performer and singer, I know first hand the struggle to get quality healthcare, medical and even retirement benefits as a entrepreneur which most musicians are!!! Self-employed!!! When you don't work, you don't eat!! Which seems the case for most professions but often creatives are a forgotten clan once their "glory days" are long behind them. However, the Grand Gala starting at the Science Museum, then moving with a second line to Rock n' Bowl-Lafayette was a magnificent event that showed me there are businesses, companies and other musicians willing to help sustain our creative community!! The night was magical and one I'm so happy to have been a part of!


New Single: Tribute to legendary blues singer Carol Fran 

A love story that began in December..."the sweethearts of the Blues", Carol Fran and Clarence Hollimon were one of the most traveled and often recorded husband and wife duos in Blues history. Hollimon considered one of the greatest guitar players in his musical genre and Carol, a fiery chanteuse and piano player with a string of hit singles became even more powerful when they teamed up together on stage. "Gristle" and "Blabs" as they were affectionately known set stages afire with their musical prowess only matched by their special bond as husband and wife. So special the couple shared birthdays only a day apart. 

Carol's rendition of "Crying in the Chapel" is simply beautiful and in my opinion the best version of this love song. Her version, covered prior to Elvis', was positioned to make great headway but was stalled shortly after his release. This project was our effort to not only bring her song back to the forefront but to share the "Golden Girl's" love story. 

This release was only made possible by the sheer love and support of people who shared a deep affection for Miss Carol. I was deeply moved at the selfless contributions to make this song possible, some while going through their own personal battles. These incredible musicians, "Pop" Lee Allen Zeno, Jill Butler Merkl, Steve Adams, Chad Fouquier and Joshua Lazo or "one take wonders" as I like to call them brought the song back to life and created a magic that I had never seen before. 

The actors in the video below added spice to the story and truly helped bring the song to life. Director JD Mosley created a piece of art and I am excited to share his masterpiece today. The cast of talented creatives includes Tweedy Francis, Destine Broussard, Alena Fields Savoy, Brandon Foster, Monique Broussard Francis and "Pastor Mosley." They created such a beautiful scene and are extremely talented individuals. Tweedy actually wears a jacket of Mr Clarence and has a connection tot he family that was not revealed until the making of this video. I felt the actors could not have been more perfect to bring this vision to life!

It took four months to make this gumbo but I believe it was well worth the care and time these people put in to help retell the story of a beautiful couple. We enjoyed sitting with Miss Carol as she shared her music adventures and I will be releasing some of that footage as well very soon.  

All proceeds from the streams or sales of this song will go to Miss Carol to help offset some of her personal expenses. Please support our homegrown "gem" and Lafayette star in any way you can! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & PASS ALONG THE SONG/VIDEO. We love her and hope you enjoy our tribute and interpretation of her classic song. 

For the moment you all have been waiting (and patiently reading), I hope you enjoy the video. "Crying in the Chapel" A Tribute to Miss Carol Fran

Song inspiration doesn't just come when ya call it! Or does it? Heart of the Song with Michael Juan Nunez 

I am so lucky to have a front-row seat to the music genius and art of some amazing music artists. Interviewing Michael Juan Nunez was nothing short of spectacular! His perspective and empathy for the small wonders of life truly translates in his work. Although, someone who seems born to write great songs he still takes everything in stride and doesn't forget to honor the greats before him. His art is totally rocking and you can't help becoming entranced by his guitar playing! There is definitely a mystique about him and he is well-versed in his craft. We had an amazing time talking about conjuring up music muses and revering those Blues music spirits (some still at KBON studios). Watch the magic that is MJN and see for yourself why he's one of the KBON favorites!!

My crazy life as a radio host! Tunesday Takeover on KBON 101.1 

A four-month plan and tireless preparation for a show that's sole mission is to bring more attention to the art of songwriting are now well underway! Having worked briefly in radio in the past, this new gig is nothing short of an adventure. I am enjoying the music, of course, and the carousel of talented musicians flowing through the studio. It feels like home. I've thus far met multi-instrumentalists who create in various modalities and forms but the end product is always top-notch. My first interview was with Lance DuBroc who has been taking North America by storm, touring across the U.S. to collaborate with other songwriters, perform at various music venues and continues penning songs along the way. It was quite eye-opening to hear his process of crafting that song that connect with others. Watch his segment here on December 3rd edition of Tunesday Takeover.

Tunesday Night Takeover on KBON 

Excited to host my first guest songwriter, the mega-talent Lance Dubroc on my Louisiana Music Spotlight radio show, Tunesday Night Takeover! This show has been a labor of love and long time coming! Honored to be a part of the KBON family! Tune in Tuesday’s 6-10pm for artist features!

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