Suth'n. Sanga. Soulful. A native of Lafayette, LA, Erica’s talents have been showcased on projects such as Master P’s “504 Boys Goodfellas”, Xbox’s Project Gotham Racer, Sony Motion Picture soundtrack “You Got Served”, and Mattel’s Barbie commercials. She was featured in several SyFy films including “House of Bones” and “Quantum Apocalypse”.  As a recording artist, she worked with such acts as Tank, Jesse Powell, Jon B. and Shai to name a few.
She was a principal singer and gymnast in the Spiderman Rocks show at Universal Studios in California. On the theatrical stage, Erica appeared in The Buddy Holly Story at The Lawrence Welk Resort and toured along with Motown greats Kim Weston and Pat Hodges in Smokey Robinson and Mickey Stevenson’s hit musical, “Sang Sista Sang.” She excited many at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Motown’s legendary Funk Brothers.

Born in the heart of Acadiana, the spicy culture and music of her hometown carried her throughout her travels. She is deeply appreciative of her Southern heritage and deep Creole roots. This distinctive Bayou influence is infused in her style and is reminiscent of the Zydeco and blues she grew up listening to. Her music is a celebration of all things Southern and the unique people that make up the place she is so proud to call home.

It's A New Dawn, A New Life & I'm Feeling Good! 


Happy New Year Folks! I hope everyone had a great 2016 and wish everyone an exciting and fantastic year to come. A new year brings new beginnings and a chance to start again, reinvent yourself. I plan to take it to the next level! I pray you will join me in creating a better you and a brighter future! Let's GO!!

Turn The Hands of Time 

I am amazed that one year ago I traveled to Houston and stumbled upon this magnificent venue called Prohibition. I was instantly enamored with its atmosphere and restaurant's ability to take you back in time to an era that I so loved. It was a period in history that I fancied the dress and style of the people and constantly watched movies or would study and sing songs of that time period. It so happened that a lovely manager gave my friend and I a tour of the place and it was then that I totally lost my marbles. I learned the restaurant was actually a theater, Isis Theatre, one of Houston's first silent movie-theaters. The place had so much history and a spirit was that was undeniable. I learned the restaurant hosted musical talent and burlesque shows. It was then that I had fallen in love with this wonderful venue and the vision of the company to bring entertainment that pushed the limit and involved the audience in an interactive way. I WANTED to be a part of this. We left the place and I remember saying I want to perform here one day. Well, fast forward 1 year and here I am playing at this lovely playhouse with an incredible host of talented geniuses from all areas of the talent pool. It is so incredible and humbling to be among such gifted individuals. It is amazing to see how with each show we raise the bar even higher. I'm excited to see how high we'll get. Hopefully you can come see our crazy antics too. It's a fun show and something entertainment has been missing. 

Upcoming Show!!!! 

I am so excited to be performing with the super talented Michael Shanks on July 2nd. Show kicks off at 7PM at Studio Sassafras, 1507 Chestnut St. Houston TX. $10 at the door. Come out for an up close and personal performance with us.

My Funny Valentine 

Me and Music, we got this peculiar relationship going! We love, we fight, we break up, we make up but never can I let it go.  It defines who I am and I am better because of it. It comforts me when I am down, consoles me in sad times and lifts me to heights I never thought imaginable. It has always been my friend, my cheerleader, my confidant and companion. Even when I think I'm done and this is it - I could never leave it alone. It is me and we are one...my work of art, my funny valentine.

You've Come A Long Way Baby... 

You've Come A Long Way Baby...

Remember the Days of No Limit Album Covers? Numerous "NL Soldiers " could be found inside the album jackets of artists like  Master P, Silkk the Shocker and 504 Boys' with "Coming Soon" plastered beneath these artists' cover art. I was one of those hopeful dreamers awaiting the day my solo project would be released. However, this small town girl from Lafayette, LA would end up only singing choruses and bars on other people's projects.

While waiting in the wings for my big chance, I decided to take measures into my own hands. After a two year stint on No Limit, I declared I was more than a hook singer and wanted to pursue other options. Since then, I have been writing for myself and other artists, performing at shows, placing songs, acting in films and living out loud.

As a creative person, it is so important to be who you are and define what is real for you. To speak your truth. To create your experiences and to take command of your art. Now, I am in control. I am not waiting on someone else to "make me".  I am not looking for someone to approve of me or my work. I am no longer chasing the dream but instead living it! My destiny is in my hands and my success is directly related to how hard I work and how far I want to go.

My success depends on me and knowing that is so liberating! 

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